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Principal Investigator

M.P. van der Schroeff, MD, PhD

ENT-surgeon, epidemiologist

ENT-surgeon, epidemiologist

  • Department
  • Ear-, nose- and throat surgery
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My ambition is to both clinically deliver state of the art care for hearing disabled and deaf children and at the same time perform research into the pathofysiology and dynamics of acquired hearing loss in children.

Education and career

During my residency in Otolaryngology I finished a PhD on “Prognostic models in head and neck oncology; predictors and dynamics”. Simultaniously I completed a Master in Clinical Epidemiology. At the moment I work as a Pediatric otolaryngologist/ENT-surgeon at the Sophia Children’s Hospital, Erasmus MC. Besides clinical duties I am the principal investigator on acquired hearing loss in children within the Generation R study.