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  • NWO Gravitation grant to unravel the mysteries of the brain

    NWO Gravitation grant to unravel the mysteries of the brain

    Neuroscientists Prof. Chris de Zeeuw, Dr. Devika Narain and Dr. Christos Strydis have received 3 million euros for their contribution to the Dutch Brain Interface Initiative consortium. The consortium received a Gravitation Grant of almost 22 million euro from the Ministry of OCW.

  • Back pain? Think twice about painkillers

    Back pain? Think twice about painkillers

    Painkillers work poorly against low back pain. This is confirmed by researchers at Erasmus MC, who reviewed all the available evidence. They appeal to general practitioners: think twice before prescribing pain medication for lower back pain.

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    From 1 May digital invitations for outpatient appointments

    Do you have an appointment with us at the outpatient clinic? You will receive the invitation digitally from 1 May 2022. We do this to save paper, costs and time. It also provides a clear overview of all your appointments and corresponding information in My Erasmus MC.

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    Tree 'Daniel' moved to Zuider terrain

    Under the watchful eye of a real tree expert the old 'Daniel tree' was moved this week. The tree stood next to the Daniel den Hoed Family House and was given a beautiful new location a few hundred meters away on the Groene Hilledijk.

  • The speakers of the workshops of International Women's Day 2022

    Online workshops for International Women's day

    The Diversity & Inclusion Office of Erasmus MC will organize, together with VENA (network of female academics in Erasmus MC), for the first time an (online) program for International Women's Day on March 8. This is a day on which we pay attention to social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women all over the world.