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Principal Investigator

S.F. (Steven) Petit, PhD

  • Department
  • Radiation Oncology



Steven Petit is a medical physicist and assistant professor at Erasmus MC Cancer Institute in Rotterdam. He was trained at Philips Medical Systems Paris, Maastricht University, Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

His work focuses on medical imaging for personalized medicine and radiation therapy automation. His responsibilities range from research, development, clinical implementation and quality assurance of novel technology.

Field(s) of expertise

Steven is Principal Investigator of the following projects:

Imaging for personalized medicine

  • The COMPLETE study: HolistiC early respOnse assessMent for oroPharyngeaL cancEr paTiEnts
  • The ExPET project (Ex vivo validation of PET imaging for Radiotherapy Response Assessment for NSCLC)
  • The Biological Image Guided RT (BIGRT) Research Pillar

Radiation therapy automation and quality assurance

  • The Erasmus MC one-stop-shop for palliative treatments  
  • The radiotherapy treatment planning QA research line

Education and career

Steven Petit passed cum laude the Master Biomedical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology in 2007. He obtained his PhD at Maastricht University in 2010 (MAASTRO Clinic) on radiation therapy and medical imaging, followed by a short term research fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MA. In 2010 Steven embarked on the medical physics program at the Department of Radiation Oncology at Erasmus MC Cancer Institute in Rotterdam. His 4 year medical physics specialization included amongst others a total of 11 months of clinical and research training at Leiden University Medical Center, The Hague based MC Haaglanden, and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, MA.

Since 2014, Steven is a medical physicist and assistant professor at Erasmus MC Cancer Institute in Rotterdam.


Follow this link for publications.

Other positions

Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

  • Member of the Physics of life committee (werkgemeenschapscommissie)
  • January 2019 - present:  Assessment committee for ENW IPPs - PPS-fonds 2018

European Society for Radiation Oncology (ESTRO)

  • Member of the Scientific Program Committee ESTRO annual conference 2020, Track leader 
  • Member of the Scientific Council. July 2019 - present
  • Member of the young ESTRO committee. December 2018 - present

Netherlands Commission on Radiation Dosimetry (NCS) 

  • Member of the subcommittee MRI QA for RT. January 2019 - present    

Chairman of the Hix Radiotherapy content user group

Scholarships, grants, and awards


  • Bas Mulder award (KWF) for the COMPLETE project € 500.000  
  • Philips' Pinnacle Student Award 2010 € 3.000 
  • Paper selected as highlight under the Editor's Choice column for the Medical Physics Citation and medphys.org websites (2013) 

Grants as PI

  • EIT Health 2018, Deep MR Only RT Work package 3 € 360.000 
  • The BIGRT project financially supported by Elekta AB, 2017 € 342.000 
  • Erasmus MRace Pilot grant € 50.000
  • Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) fellowship 2014 € 273 000

Travel grants: 

  • Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) travel grant for MGH in Boston 2012 
  • Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) travel grant for Johns Hopkins 2010 
  • Biocare (European Union) travel grant 2008 
  • Biocare (European Union) travel grant 2007