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Annual report and financial statements 2021

The Annual Report 2021 provides an overview and a look back at 2021. Another eventful year in the history of Erasmus MC. It was the second year in which the Covid-19 pandemic had a major impact on both patient care and research and education. Below are some highlights with a reaction from finance director Paul Boomkamp.

Second corona year

Erasmus MC posted a financial result of €46 million in 2021, the second corona year. This result amounts to 2.2% of the turnover of €2.1 billion. These figures include the contribution of the ADRZ. In 2020, the result was €13 million. The 2021 result is a derivative of good performance in patient care, education & research, and operations. 'It's a great result that at the same time we desperately need to invest in the coming years. It contributes to healthy and sustainable long-term operations,' says Finance Director Paul Boomkamp.

Patient care

In patient care, the result increased from €20 million in 2020 to €30 million in 2021. This corresponds to a result of 1.7% of the turnover of €1.8 billion. Also in 2021, Erasmus MC managed to maintain an above-average level of patient care, despite the continuing limitations of Covid-19. This means that Erasmus MC -just like in 2020- does not have to rely on the safety net regulation of health insurers for lost income due to Covid-19. 

The performance in patient care is closely related to the optimal use of Erasmus MC's existing capacity. Boomkamp: "We have passionately succeeded in finding the last bed every time through tight strategic, tactical and operational planning. This is partly due to the decentralized organizational structure in the hospital. This structure ensures that departments can arrange more themselves. This gave department heads, medical specialists and other healthcare professionals the room to actively respond to the ever-changing circumstances. 

In this daily search for capacity, the hospital was able to make effective use of the modern infrastructure and available real estate on the campus. All in all, in 2021 Erasmus MC had a solid share in Covid care and the scaling up of ICU beds, while at the same time allowing regular care to continue as much as possible. 

Education and research 

In education and research, the result increased from €7 million negative in 2020 to €16 million positive in 2021, on a turnover of €333 million. The increase in the 2021 result is partly due to the sale of Harbour Biomed shares of €6 million. This biotech company stems from discoveries by Erasmus MC and others and went public in Hong Kong at the end of 2020. 

Erasmus MC also proved to be an attractive partner for scientific research. As a result, both the second, third and fourth flow of funds have increased. By the end of 2021, the research portfolio will consist of approximately 1,900 scientific projects in the broad medical spectrum from fundamental to clinical-applied research. 


In operations, Erasmus MC benefited from "Slim Fit" in 2021. This program was started in 2020 with the aim of sustainably improving Erasmus MC's financial result. It concerns a broad savings and efficiency program within the entire organization. A year and a half after its launch, the program is bearing fruit. Boomkamp: 'It ensures a more controlled development in personnel and material costs and strengthens financial awareness.

Report mark

The restrictions imposed by corona, such as the lockdowns and the 1.5-meter society, have not had a negative effect on the quality of care. On the contrary, patients rated the care with a high report grade. They gave the clinic a rating of an average of 8.6. Visits to the outpatient clinics also received a report mark of an average of 8.6.


In 2021 Erasmus MC had 659,317 outpatient visits and 30,771 patients were admitted. The average Covid patient spent 7.39 days in the hospital. This is almost 6 days less than in 2021. The remaining admitted patients spent an average of 6.7 days in Erasmus MC. The organization has 16,180 employees (including subsidiary ADRZ) and 4093 students.

Erasmus MC visibly on the move in a sustainable manner

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability is visibly on the move at Erasmus MC and the subject is gaining broader support. For example, several Green Teams have been set up in the departments. Important covenants and declarations have been signed in the field of mobility and food, and Erasmus MC has drawn up its own concrete Green Deal Zorg 2.0, based on the national Green Deal Zorg 2.0.

The Sustainability Report 2021 provides a nice summary of sustainable initiatives that have also taken place this year. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) are gaining a firmer foothold in various fields. Erasmus MC is thus doing its bit towards realizing these global ambitions.

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