Charges and invoices

Your hospital invoice specifies the medical care for which you are being charged.

Just like other hospitals, we charge so-called DTC healthcare products. DTC (DBC in Dutch) stands for Diagnosis Treatment Combination. The ‘healthcare product’ stands for the treatment that you receive. The price of this healthcare product is an average of all healthcare costs for a particular treatment. Therefore, it is not the sum of the actual costs you incurred, but is based on the average of all the costs incurred by all patients who have visited the hospital for the same/similar treatment.

  • Additional information on hospital bills and the DTCs can be found at the NZa website.


No-show fee

It is important to cancel your appointment in time (at least 24 hours in advance), otherwise you will be billed €43.30 per outpatient appointment. This is called a no-show fee.

An advance bill

You will receive an advance bill if you are not (or not fully) insured for the expected medical costs. This could be the case, for example, if your treatment is not covered by basic healthcare insurance or if your health insurer does not have a contract with Erasmus MC. The Patient and Healthcare Administration Front Service Desk can help you with any questions on advance bills. The Patient and Healthcare Administration Front Service Desk is located in the main hall, and is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm. You can also fill in the contactform.

More information about the terms and codes on your bill.

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