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Research group/lab

Reproductive Rheumatology

This research line focusses on the impact of rheumatic diseases on fertility, pregnancy outcome and the development of children born to parents with a rheumatic disease.

About our research group/lab

Our research

The research line “Reproductive Rheumatology” focusses on the impact of rheumatic diseases on fertility and pregnancy outcome of both male and female patients with a rheumatic disease. In addition, the influence of pregnancy on disease activity of rheumatic diseases is studied.

The PARA cohort, a nationwide prospective cohort study with inclusion of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients between 2001-2010 was the first project of this research group. Women with RA either pregnant or with a wish to conceive were visited at their home address. In total, over 400 women were included and 235 children were born in this study. This study facilitated 5 successful PhD projects.

Initially, the main focus was on women with RA. In recent years our focus has broadened to other rheumatic diseases and male patients. Our current projects are the PreCARA cohort, a nationwide prospective cohort study on treatment strategies for rheumatic diseases during pregnancy and the iFAME study, a study on the impact of rheumatic diseases on male fertility.

From patients participating in cohorts mentioned above, blood and other samples are collected and stored, resulting in an extensive Reproductive Rheumatology Bank with thousands of valuable samples. Our bank contains amongst other things patient serum, plasma, DNA, urine and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). For more information on stored patient material and potential collaborations, please contact us.

Our projects

Key Publications

Funding & Grants

Our team

Prof. Radboud Dolhain, MD PhD

Laura Kranenburg - van Koppen, MD PhD

Esther Röder, PhD

Luis Perez, MD

Margot Bongenaar, MD

Lydia Witte - Quaak, MD

Hetty Wintjes

Anneke van Steensel - Boon

Ron Buijs