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Convergence HMC
Research project  |  A Convergence of Health and Technology Flagship on user-centered technology-based interventions for minimally supervised motor rehabilitation

Convergence Human Mobility Center

Status: Ongoing project

Initiated by partners from TU Delft, Erasmus MC, EUR, Rijndam Rehabilitation and Laurens geriatric rehabilitation, the Convergence Human Mobility Center (CHMC) will enhance the effectiveness and acceptability of user-centered technology-based minimally supervised motor rehabilitation interventions in stroke with equal access for all. This requires integrating expertise in motor learning, sensors and robotics, data science and AI, and biomechanical modelling. In addition, it also requires understanding the complexity of settings and attitudes and beliefs of both clinicians and patients, including vulnerable patients and patients with a low socioeconomic status (SES).

What we do

About our project

The Convergence Human Mobility Center is aimed at:

  • identifying requirements of user-centered minimally supervised treatment that also target lower SES and vulnerable patients,
  • optimizing the effectiveness of (remote) motor learning programs by exploiting the relation between motor learning, motor capabilities and daily life performance and behaviors,
  • engineering home training environments that leverage novel ultra-low-cost technological solutions that are minimalistic and easy to use to promote the transfer of trained skills to activities of daily living,
  • developing unobtrusive remote monitoring and feedback based on sensor fusion and modelling to quantify patient performance in their natural environment and to ensure their safety.


The future impact goes beyond the stroke population and will include other neurological and musculoskeletal diseases which limit mobility.


The Flagship includes six PhD projects and two post-doc positions. For projects for which the department is leading see:

  • project Irene Beck: to be done

Our research focus

Now that the limits of the financial, personnel and social sustainability of healthcare are approaching, rehabilitation needs to become more effective and efficient. Technology can contribute by facilitating rehabilitation in one's own home environment. Patients will become less dependent on one-on-one guidance from a therapist, have to travel less to rehabilitation centers and will be more independent in their planning. Ease of use, accessibility and acceptance are important challenges of new technology. Importantly, vulnerable groups may not benefit from it, increasing existing health differences.

The Convergence Human Mobility Center (CHMC) brings together technicians, clinical experts, socio-medical researchers, patients and industrial partners. Together we will build on technology-based interventions for minimally supervised motor rehabilitation at home and under minimal supervision of a therapist in the rehabilitation center. Motion sensors inform patients and their therapists about recovery and progress of treatment. Home exercise will be supported by easy-to use robots with challenging (virtual) exercise programs tailored to the patient. These developments are emphatically done in collaboration with vulnerable groups so that they too benefit fully from this new form of rehabilitation.


Erasmus MC

Expertise on the upper extremity at-home treatment and prediction of recovery, precision diagnostics with neurorobotics, and exploiting and stimulating neuroplasticity


Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

Innovative healthcare solutions for vulnerable patient populations merging the medico-technical domain of motor impairments with the social approach of inclusiveness


TU Delft

Co-create robotic/VR solutions for upper/lower limbs neurorehabilitation together with clinical and industry partners; expertise in musculoskeletal modelling, sensor fusion, and decision making modelling

Our team

Erasmus MC

Prof. Gerard Ribbers, main lead

Dr. Hans Bussmann, program coordination

Dr. Laura Marchal-Crespo, work package lead

Prof. Maarten Frens, work package lead


Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

Prof. Jane Cramm, work package lead


TU Delft

Dr. Laura Marchal-Crespo, work package lead

Dr. Ajeh Seth, work package lead


Contact us 

Prof. Gerard Ribbers, MD, PhD: g.ribbers@erasmusmc.nl