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Research project  |  Increasing Mobility and Physical Activity using sensor Technology


Status: Ongoing

To develop a 'Mobility and Physical activity Telemonitoring System' and determine its (cost-) effectiveness

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Ambulation of hospitalized adults is regularly missed, and most of the patients are immobile during their hospital stay. Current research shows that elderly patients on average spent more than 80% of the hospital stay lying in bed, even when capable of independent ambulation. The proportion of time in which patients are standing or walking ranges from 0.2-21%.

Immobility during hospital stay has a negative effect on cardiovascular, respiratory, integumentary, musculoskeletal, and nervous systems. Especially for the elderly, bedrest can cause significant decrease of muscle strength (5% per day, 13% after 10 days), and reduction of aerobic capacity (12% after 10 days), and consequently, functional decline.

From literature reviews we know that mobilizing adult patients during hospital stay increases functional performance, decreases postoperative complications (e.g. falls, and pressure ulcers ) and reduces the length of hospital stay. We also know that mobilizing patients is applicable and safe. However, implementation of mobilization protocols is difficult due to therapist and patient related barriers. Objective measurement of mobility and physical activity of inpatients can play an important assisting role. Objective data can provide insight into whether and which patients are mobilizing and are physical (in)active. This valuable information can be used by the clinical physical therapist and nurse to support mobilization of patients, and can be used by the patients to motivate themselves being more physical active during their hospital stay. Also, this information can be used to support patient self-management, e.g. by setting patient specific mobility and physical activity goals and provide feedback on the patient’s personal progress.



The aim of this study is to optimize hospital patient care regarding mobility and physical activity by combining bed sensor and wearable sensor technology.

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