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Pediatric Ophthalmology

Our team specialises in (complex) strabismus, amblyopia, high myopia, and the spectrum of inherited and congenital ophthalmological disorders.

About our Department

Our research

Background information

Patients are referred from peripheral hospitals or low-vision clinics. We work in a multi-disciplinary setting, closely collaborating with, among others, the neurologist, clinical geneticists, clinical neuro-physiologists, and with pediatricians in case of a syndromal work-up.

Overall aim

When a child is referred to us,the orthoptist measures his or her visual acuity, depth perception, motility and alignment. Cycloplegic drops are instilled to determine any refractive error.. Next, the ophthalmologist will assess if the eye is healthy using a slit lamp and an ophthalmoscope. Together we aim to optimise the child’s visual functions. If necessary, we will refer the child to a relevant specialist, e.g. the neurologist.

Research focus areas

Our team has multiple research projects on amblyopia, myopia and inherited eye diseases.

Research lines


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