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Research group/lab  |  J. Samsom

Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition - Samsom lab

Which immune regulatory processes are essential to develop and maintain the intestinal immune system’s tolerance to dietary antigens and commensal bacteria?

About our research group/lab

Our research

Background information

Our group is based on a solid, very direct link between the research lab and the clinical pediatric gastroenterology department. Performed together with Prof. J.C. Escher’s group, our research has a bidirectional approach: key clinical questions concerning the pathology, diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and celiac disease are translated to an experimental setting; and vice versa, fundamental data are implemented in patient diagnostics and new treatment strategies.

Overall aim

Our research is focused (a) on identifying immune regulatory processes that are pivotal to intestinal homeostasis; and (b) understanding the pathogenesis of intestinal diseases driven by loss of homeostasis, such as celiac disease and IBD.

Research focus areas

By developing multiple murine models, we found that functional mucosal regulatory T-cells differentiate in mucosa draining lymphoid tissue in the presence of specific mucosal factors. In our humanized mouse model of gluten tolerance we discovered that tolerance to gluten is mediated by IL-10 secreting  regulatory T-cells. This finding opens new avenues for celiac disease research. Our translational IBD work focuses on dissecting inflammatory pathways that subclassify IBD patients and yield parameters to characterize the disease subtype. Analysis of infants with genetic deficiencies uncovers pathways that are pivotal to intestinal tolerance and identifies patterns of inflammation that evolve from a particular defect.

Our projects

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