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Research project

Outcome of transition of care in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Status: Ongoing

The transition of adolescents with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis from pediatric to adult care can be troublesome because these two health systems differ in many aspects.

What we do

About our project

Background information 

To optimize adolescents’ transfer to adult care, they need to be prepared in a transition period during which they acquire new knowledge and are taught self-management skills. It is currently unknown what the optimal program is for the transitional care of adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease or how to define whether a transition program is successful.

Overall aim 

Our primary aim is to determine the predictive value of the Transition Test (TT, on IBD knowledge and self-efficacy) on outcome of transition.

The secondary aims are:

  • To validate the TT as a measuring instrument for knowledge and self-management.
  • To develop and validate a Transition Success Score (TSS) as a measuring instrument for the outcome of the transition process.

Research method 

We will ask 120 patients, 16-18 years, to complete the TT at different timepoints and/or use  already completed questionnaires. Two hundred questionnaires will be evaluated for internal consistency, internal/external validation and predictive validation.

To determine the predictive validation of the TSS the results of the knowledge questionnaire, a quality of life questionnaire and a self-efficacy questionnaire one year after transfer will be used.

After validation we will investigate the correlation between the knowledge questionnaire and successful outcome of transition.

Desirable outcome

We strive to develop (a) a validated Transition Success Score as a measuring instrument for the outcome of the transition process and (b) a validated IBD knowledge questionnaire as a measuring instrument for knowledge and self-management.



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