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Research project

Neuro-cognitive conse­quences of lysosomal storage disorders

Status: Ongoing

Most lysosomal storage disorders affect the central or peripheral nervous system. In this study we assess the frequencies and courses of neurologic and neuro-cognitive symptoms.

What we do

About our project

Background information 

Neurologic and neurocognitive symptoms of lysosomal storage disorders put a considerable burden patients, their families and caregivers. Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) cannot treat these symptoms as the enzymes cannot pass the blood-brain-barrier. Recently, innovative treatments have been developed aiming at the central and peripheral nervous systems. For the purpose of better counseling and clinical care in the light of the upcoming therapies, we need insight in the occurrence and course of the neurological complications of lysosomal storage disorders.

Overall aim 

  1. To characterize the occurrence and the extent of clinical, radiological and neurophysiological features of neuronal involvement in lysosomal storage disorders.
  2. To describe the course of these neurologic symptoms.

Research method 

  1. To study central nervous system involvement, we will perform brain MRI and neuropsychological testing.
  2. To study peripheral neurological symptoms, we will perform several diagnostic modalities such as EMGs and MRIs.

Desirable outcome

We expect that our results will greatly enhance our understanding of lysosomal storage disorders. This will enable to optimize counseling and clinical care of patients, their families and caregivers. Such understanding may alter future research directions and have important implications for the development and assessment of new therapeutic strategies.



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