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All information for our suplliers in one place

The Purchasing department is in charge of Erasmus MC’s purchasing policy and related coordination activities. This department is responsible for purchasing goods and services above a certain transaction value.


Invoices addressed to Erasmus MC must always include an Erasmus MC purchase order number. The invoice will not be paid if it does not include a purchase order number. We generally make use of a standard range of products and services, so we have a limited number of suppliers. This means that our suppliers can count on predictable sales volumes.

Working method

Before concluding or renewing contracts, Erasmus MC always requests several quotations. We will then select a supplier based on the quotations and their terms and conditions.
Erasmus MC assesses a number of suppliers monthly based on various points, including price, accurate delivery, delivery reliability, defects, and recalls. The assessment is the basis for setting goals and points for improvement.
We subject strategic suppliers to particular scrutiny. These are suppliers who provide products and services for patient care (diagnostics, treatment, and care), education, and research; products and services that are essential to Erasmus MC’s core activities. Suppliers that provide products throughout the organization and suppliers with a relatively high turnover can also be assessed. Erasmus MC is making increasing use of performance contracts.

Professional code

Erasmus MC adheres to the professional code of the Dutch Association of Procurement and Purchasing Management. Suppliers are expected to respect and act in accordance with this professional code.

Contact the Purchasing department

Erasmus MC Purchasing department
Room GK-847
PO Box 2040
3000 CA Rotterdam
Tel: +31 10 704 44 48 (option 1)
VAT no. NL

We prefer you to send your invoices by email to facturen@erasmusmc.nl (in PDF) or by post to:
Erasmus MC
Attn: Accounts payable
PO Box 21455
3001 AL Rotterdam
For questions about your invoice, call +31 10 704 44 48 (option 2) or send an email to crediteuren@erasmusmc.nl

Additional information