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Research project

Patient satisfaction concerning information delivery

Status: Ongoing project

Multidisciplinary research group focusing on information delivery in the Emergency Department (ED)

What we do

About our project

Optimizing patients satisfaction concerning information delivery at the ED.

Patients satisfaction is an indicator of emergency care quality and has been associated with information dispensation. Information dispensation for patients visiting the ED varies from general ED information (e.g. logistics, triage, wait times) to more practical information/services (e.g. parking, food, toilets) and lastly, medical information (e.g. about medical procedures, pain medication, medical information or links to websites, for specific diagnosis).

Communication strategies are being developed to improve patient information. For this, knowing what the patient wants to know and how they would like to receive information, is essential.

Our research focus

The main objective is to evaluate patients satisfaction concerning information delivery at the emergency department (ED), regarding general ED information, practical information/services, medical information and overall information dispensation. Secondary, to study patients information needs; what do patients want to know concerning general, services/practical and medical information? And their preferences on how to receive the information.

Optimizing patients satisfaction concerning patient information at the Emergency Department.

We performed an observational single center study.


Collaborations within Erasmus MC

  • Department of Public Health

Our team

  • Marna Bouwhuis
  • Pleunie Rood
  • Juanita Haagsma