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Research project

World COACH Consortium

Worldwide collaboration of prospective studies to advance the principles of hip osteoarthritis in order to discover personalized prevention and treatment modalities

What we do

About our project

The Worldwide Collaboration on OsteoArthritis prediCtion for the Hip (World COACH) consortium brings together all globally available prospective cohort studies on hip osteoarthritis. The aim of the consortium is to advance the principles of hip osteoarthritis through international collaboration. The ultimate outcome is to develop personalized prediction models for hip osteoarthritis in order to individualize prevention and treatment strategies. We are committed to sharing ideas by meeting challenges with collaborating academic institutions

Our research focus

Our mission is to optimize and progress our understanding of determinants and risk factors for the development and progression of hip osteoarthritis.

Our vision is to automate methods for radiographic imaging analysis of the hip and to transform the current ‘one size fits all’ management of hip osteoarthritis by using predictive models.

Funds & Grants

The World COACH consortium is supported by several funding bodies

-Dutch Arthritis Foundation


-Erasmus MC (fellowship)


Our team