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Pediatric lung diseases

Our research focuses on novel, safe imaging of the respiratory system in children.

About our Department

Our research

Background information

Pediatric lung disease is a major health problem, with long-term impact on adult respiratory health. The spectrum of lung disease in children is entirely different from that in adults, and the impact is often lifelong. Safe diagnostic imaging techniques, early start of treatment and careful monitoring of pediatric lung disease are vital for an optimal outcome. Selected patient categories take part in our intervention and long-term multidisciplinary follow-up programmes, to improve the outcome of our current practice. We participate in international research consortia and co-operate with many research groups at the Erasmus MC and abroad to achieve our goals.

Overall aim

The aim of our research activities is to improve the care for children with severe lung disease and give them the best chances to survive and lead a long, healthy and happy life. We focus on novel, safe methods for early diagnosis, identification of early risk factors, and improved disease management strategies. In our long-term follow-up studies we aim to evaluate the physical and psychosocial outcomes of the present treatment strategies, in order to adapt current practice to improve the outcome. In the case of rare diseases, we participate in large international consortia both for studies of  treatment and outcome. 

Research focus areas

  • Clinical and laboratory studies on new strategies for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of pediatric lung disease, especially cystic fibrosis and asthma, including advanced quantitative CT and MRI imaging of lungs and airways.
  • Epidemiological studies in large birth cohorts and consortia of multiple cohorts, including lung function assessments, (epi)genetics and MRI imaging techniques.

Principal Investigators

  • M.W.H. (Mariëlle) Pijnenburg, MD, PhD, pediatric pulmonologist, head division Paediatric Respiratory Medicine and Allergology.
  • L. (Liesbeth) Duits, MD, PhD,, pediatric pulmonologist, epidemiologist.
  • H.M. (Hettie) Janssens, MD, PhD, pediatric pulmonologist, chair, Cystic Fibrosis Team.
  • Prof. J.C. (Johan) de Jongste, MD, PhD, pediatric pulmonologist, professor of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine.

Research lines


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