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Invasive imaging

We study new technologies for real-time, unambiguous visualization of pathology, devices and treatment effect in minimally invasive (cardiovascular) interventions.

About our research group/lab

Our research


Minimally invasive treatments can cure many cardiovascular diseases with minimal trauma, pain and infection risk for the patient, and offer faster recovery than open-chest surgery. Examples are dottering/stent implantation for coronary artery disease, and intracardiac ablation for treatment of rhythm disorders. Such procedures rely critically on image guidance. Traditional approaches, mainly X-ray fluoroscopy, have limited contrast, resolution, and spatial information. The Invasive Imaging group studies technologies, principles and devices that can provide relevant information during interventions.

Heartbeat OCT catheter

Overall aim

Minimally invasive imaging technologies, in the coronary arteries or in the heart, can provide accurate guidance during catheter-based treatment. Since the images are needed to determine the therapeutic strategy, imaging must be fast and crystal clear, showing precisely what is important for an optimal clinical result.

Research focus area

We use (infrared) light and ultrasound to make images of the heart and arteries. Mostly, those imaging modalities are miniaturized to fit on an intravascular or intracardiac catheter. Typical examples are intravascular optical coherence tomography (IVOCT) and ultrasound (IVUS). A new development is intravascular photoacoustic (IVPA imaging) which excites ultrasound with light. For all these topics we work on new forms of image contrast and device research. We also investigate the biology of coronary and carotid artery disease, by disentangling the lipid composition of developing and advanced atherosclerosis using mass spectrometry imaging.

IV imaging

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Funding & Grants

  • NWO Vici 16131
  • NWO Veni 15940
  • Medical Delta
  • Industry contracts

Our team

Visiting scientists:

  • Brett Bouma
  • Nandini Bhattacharya

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