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Biomedical Engineering

At the crossroads of physics, technology, biology and medicine, we develop technology for insights in cardiovascular disease, and to improve its diagnosis and treatment.

About our research group/lab

Our research

At Biomedical Engineering, for over 50 years now, engineers, scientists, clinicians, and companies team up to address the challenging task of diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases. The group, part of the Cardiology department of Erasmus MC, forms a strong multidisciplinary team to develop novel diagnostic and treatment strategies. The work covers the entire pathway from basic concepts and modelling to laboratory work, patient studies, and commercialization. 

What is the overall aim?

Imaging, modelling and data interpretation stand at the basis of disease diagnosis, treatment, therapy guidance and monitoring, such that clinicians can provide better prognosis for the patient. We aim to develop and study unprecedented techniques to image the cardiovascular system and improve treatment of the patient.

What type of research do you focus on in this group?

The body contains many dynamics, e.g. the heart motion and blood flow, but also biological interactions between cells and their environment. We study and predict these complex dynamics, through state-of-the-art (and beyond) high frame rate techniques, thus being able to show the phenomena in slow-motion. For this, we build and use volumetric transducers and systems for echography, camera systems for in vitro visualization, and advanced computer models to predict and analyze the physics and biology underlying the phenomena. We challenge ourselves to develop the imaging, understand and model the physics and biology, improve the signal processing, and interpret the results with clinicians to provide actual information needed for better treatment of patients.


Our projects

Within Biomedical engineering there are four research themes: 

  • Catheter based imaging, 
  • High frame rate ultrasound, 
  • Cardiovascular Biomechanics
  • Ultrasound contrast agents. 

Key Publications


Internal collaboration

External collaborations

We work within several local, national and international frameworks:

Within Biomedical Engineering, we are organizing 3 international annual conferences:

  • The International Symposium on Biomechanics in Vascular Biology and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Optics in Cardiology
  • The European symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging and therapy

Funding & Grants

The group is well-funded with grants from many sources.

These include Open Technology projects and personal grants from the Dutch Research Council (NWO), public-private partnership grants such as the Medical Delta and a NWO/Dutch Heart Foundation grant, Open and Personal grants from the European Research Council, and many local initiatives such as the TU Delft/Erasmus MC Convergence, and the Erasmus MC fellowship. See specific pages per subgroup.

The group hosts a NWO PIONIER, A Simon Stevin Master, 2 ERC laureates, 3 Veni’s, 3 Vidi’s, 1 Vici and a marie curie fellow.  

Our team


Prof.dr.ir. N (Nico) de Jong
Dr.ir. A.C. (Ali) Akyildiz


Sharon Sewell-Albert


Frits Mastik
Gerard van Burken
Robert Beurskens
Kim van Gaalen
Suze-Anne Korteland
Mariël Leon-Grooters 
Ingeborg Nieuwenhuizen

Post docs

PhD students