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Workshop EMI
EMI 3d printer
EMI CAD Modelling
EMI micro assembly
Core Facility

Experimental Medical Instrumentation (EMI)

Innovative partner in the development of unique medical instruments and experimental set-ups


Methods / applications


We develop medical scientific healthcare and technological product not available in the marketplace such as:

  • instruments
  • equipment
  • measurement setup
  • 3D-models
EMI 3d printer 

Target groups

For the development of these devices EMI partners with:

  • medical scientific researchers conducting groundbreaking research in a variety of medical fields which lead to new knowledge and reinforce competition in research
  • healthcare professionals (medical, medical-technical, medical-support and/or nurses) developing solutions to everyday problems or for the improvement/training of professional skills
  • medtech startups developing marketable products (medical devices)


Assignments are in close cooperation with the client. EMI is characterized by its practical approach and short lead times and has a well-equipped workshop. See showcase for examples of products and projects.

Contact EMI for further information, pricing and requests.


We have the following expertises:

  • Micromechanics and precision engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Optics and fiberoptics
  • 3D-printing
  • Electronics


EMI workshop

Our workshop


We have the following facilities:

  • Design workplaces with 3D CAD design and simulation tools.
  • Workshop with CNC turning and milling machines and micromechanical machining techniques.
  • 3D printers for various plastics.
  • Laser cutter for cutting plastic, wood and thin metal foils and to engrave and mark materials.
  • A facility for processing optical fibers and light sources and micro assembly.
  • An electronic workplace with electronic signal processing techniques.
  • Cleanroom facility for fabrication and assembly of sterilizable medical devices under clean conditions.

EMI micro assembly

Micro assembly

 Micro assembly 1

Micro assembly

EMI Mill


 EMI CAD modelling

CAD modelling


3D printer 

Clean room facility

Cleanroom facility

CNC milling machine

CNC milling machine

CNC lathe

CNC lathe


EMI Sawmills and materials warehouse

Saw mills and materials warehouse



Milling series

Miling series

Milling workpiece

Miling workpiece


Eye measuring system


Project Water bowl

orthogonal set up 

Orthogonal set up

Project photo acoustic catheter 

Photo-acoustic catheter prototype


OCT catheter prototype

catheter prototype

Catheter prototype

project phantom 


elektrodes head

Electrodes head

Project Probe


gfp light 

GFP light


 set-up with electronics


set-up with fibers

Drilling Template

3D print Drilling template

3d Heart model

3D print Heart model for education

3d print Jaw model

3D print Jaw model


Training, education & documentation

News, Events & Publications

About us

Our team

EMI team

Phone +31-(0)10-7043402

Geert Springeling
Coordinator EMI / Designer /Precision Engineer
Phone +31-(0)10-7044646 / g.springeling@erasmusmc.nl
Michiel Manten
Designer / Precision Engineer
Phone +31-(0)10-7043436 / m.manten@erasmusmc.nl
Robin van Vlerken
Designer / Precision Engineer
+31-(0)10-7034305 / r.vanvlerken@erasmusmc.nl
Sylvia Leenheer
Business Advisor
+31-(0)10-7043402 / s.leenheer@erasmusmc.nl

Our expertises

We have the following expertises

  • Micromechanics and precision engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Optics and fiberoptics
  • 3D-printing
  • Electronics


Erasmus MC Create4Care

Collaboration of Erasmus MC en Hogeschool Rotterdam which solves practical problems in healthcare through smart technical innovations 
Visit: Create4Care

Universitair Platform Technische Ontwikkeling (UPTO)

Collaboration of technical development departments within technical universities and university medical centers 
Visit: UPTO


Electronic and Mechanical Support Divison of the TU Delft

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