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Research group/lab

Biomechanics Laboratory

At the Biomechanics Laboratory we study the effect of mechanical stresses in the cardiovascular system. Our projects focus on the application of biomechanics to investigate the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease and to predict future disease development and cardiovascular events.

About our research group/lab

Our research


Biomechanical forces play an essential role in the development of the cardiovascular system and of cardiovascular diseases. Biomechanical forces are involved in the pathophysiology of vascular as well as heart diseases. Knowledge on biomechanical stress in or at the arterial wall or in the heart muscle might help to improve selection, diagnosis and treatment of patients. Our studies focus on the influence of biomechanical stress in a) the generation, progression, destabilization and rupture of atherosclerotic plaques eventually leading to life threatening cardiovascular events b) in congenital heart disease c) the development of heart failure.

Overall aim

The aim of our research is to develop new methodologies to assess biomechanical forces in the cardiovascular system, to link them to the development of disease and to use them to predict cardiovascular events.

Research focus area

In the biomechanics laboratory different methodologies are developed and used to study the influence of biomechanical forces on the cardiovascular system. These technologies include imaged-based finite element modeling, tissue engineering, mechanical testing of cardiovascular tissues, nuclear imaging. Our studies range from bench to bedside and population studies to unravel the influence of biomechanics on pathophysiological mechanisms as well as to apply the developed methodologies in patients as a first step to clinical translation. 

Our projects

Key Publications


Collaborations within Erasmus MC


Collaborations outside Erasmus MC

  • CardioVasular Biomechanics Lab (CVBL) in Delft is a joint research effort of the Biomechanical Engineering at the TU Delft and the Biomechanics Laboratory.
  • Prof. Umberto Morbiducci, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy
  • Dr. A. Roest, LUMC, the Netherlands
  • Prof Alfons Hoekstra, UVA, Amsterdam, NL
  • Prof. C Bouten, Eindhoven University of Technology

Funding & Grants

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