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Research group/lab

Pharmacy: Medication Optimization and Safety

About our research group/lab

Our research

Our research focuses on the optimalisation of pharmacotherapy from primary care to tertiary care settings. The main topics are:

  • Prevention of (re)hospitalisations through the optimalisation of pharmacotherapy;
  • Education to improve medication safety;
  • Cardiovascular pharmacology: hypertension, including drug adherence and deprescribing;
  • Cardiovascular side effects of anticancer therapy (“cardio-oncology”);
  • Sex differences in side effects;
  • Sustainability and efficient use of resources.

Targets for the future

We aim to further establish our research line focusing on the above mentioned topics while being adaptive to novel developments in society and healthcare. We aim for collaboration within the pharmacy with the other research lines as well as other departments within the Erasmus MC to make our research multidisciplinary wherever possible. In addition, we aim to be adaptive to address novel research questions regarding medication optimization and safety as recently shown in the SWITCH study on vaccination strategies for COVID.

Key Publications

Our team