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Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (MMID)

The research of MMID focusses on multidisciplinary, translational and clinical studies into microbial infections at the molecular, cellular, patient and population levels; ‘from bench to bedside and back’.

About our Department

Our research

Department mission

The Department of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (MMID) fulfils a central role in the Erasmus MC as an internationally recognized center for high-quality patient care, knowledge development and transfer in the field of medical microbiology and infectious diseases.

Research aim

The Department of MMID of the Erasmus MC is an international center of excellence for multidisciplinary, translational and clinical research of microbial infections from molecular to population level. The adagio is ‘from bench to bedside and back’, with our expertise ranging from fundamental knowledge on pathogenic microbes to the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. By combining the complementary areas of expertise within our department, we aim to provide solutions for today’s problems in infectious diseases, such as combatting emerging antimicrobial resistance, as well as for tomorrow's challenges caused by microbial pathogens.


Research is mainly clustered into two Erasmus MC Academic Centers  (AC; which are a network for multidisciplinary research): Antimicrobial Resistance, Therapeutics and molecular Epidemiology (ARTE) Migratory Health & Neglected Tropical Diseases (MH & NTD) Within these AC research clusters multiple research lines exist. 

Our team

Research lines

Research lines within the Academic Center “Antimicrobial Resistance, Therapeutics and molecular Epidemiology (ARTE)”

Research lines within the Academic Center “Migratory Health & Neglected Tropical Diseases (MH & NTD)”


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BSc & MSc students

The Department of MMID is highly connected to the Erasmus MC’s accredited Research Master Infection & Immunity (I&I), and we work closely with the Masters in Medicine, Technical Medicine and other Research Masters. One major achievement in the area of Master teaching was the evaluation of The Research Master Infection & Immunity (Program Director dr. J.L. Nouwen is the coordinator of the Erasmus MC’s Research Master Education) as a top-rated program in the 'Keuzegids Masters 2018'. 

In the various Bachelor programs, MMID coordinates two international Minor programs (Global Health and Biomedical Research in Practice). In the various Master programs, MMID coordinates, facilitates and supervises many students for their (international) research internships, in which these students participate in the ongoing research projects within our department. In essence, this means that MMID has a continuum of research education options available starting with first year Bachelor students, all the way through to Master, Research Master and PhD students. 

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