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Department of Viroscience

Erasmus University Rotterdam celebrated the university’s 105th anniversary on Thursday, 8 November 2018. ‘Advancing Science, Impacting Society’ was the theme of the Dies Natalis, also part of the 21st lustrum celebrations. Sander Herfst: Creating scientific and societal impact with research on avian influenza viruses
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Research doesn’t only advance science, it advances society on the whole. There is a growing understanding these days that research can be a two-pronged tool: on the one hand, it serves as a motor for scientific progress, and on the other it allows for making societal impact. Think, for example, of research for the prevention of viruses like Zika, or research that helps new Rotterdam residents from different backgrounds integrate into their neighbourhoods.

Young scientists who create impact: Have a look at the video about the work of Sander Herfst: here

For more information: Advancing Science, Impacting Society

You can find more information about Sander Herfst:here

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