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Practical radiation protection course – X-rays (online)

Onderwijsaanbieder: Erasmus MC Academie
Onderwijsvorm: Klassikaal
Categorieën : Vakinhoudelijk handelen

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Target group: This part of the course is designed for workers who are involved with (clinical) use of X-ray equipment. Make sure you sign in for the Introduction as well.

At this moment the classical meeting, where participants performed measurements using an X-ray machine is substituted by an online course based on self-study with information, videos of the practical and a work sheet. The information and tasks are discussed in an online meeting using Zoom.


  • Half value layer
  • Transmission
  • Scattering
  • Inverse square law
  • Parameters: kV, mAs, field size

In preparation for the meeting, self-study is expected.

You will receive more information about the study activities after registration.
Duration of the meeting: 2 hours

More information: Please contact us to make an appointment for this component of the course:

Praktische informatie


woensdag 1 november 2023 02:00:00 - woensdag 1 november 2023 03:30:00
Beschikbare plaats(en): 9

dinsdag 11 juni 2024 09:00:00 - dinsdag 11 juni 2024 10:30:00
Beschikbare plaats(en): 8


De kosten bedragen € 200,00

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