Elisabeth van Rossum

Prof.dr. E.F.C. (Liesbeth) van Rossum


  • Specialisme
  • Interne Geneeskunde
  • Aandachtsgebied
  • Obesitas, Stresshormonen (corticosteroïden), Algemene endocrinologie


Even voorstellen

Elisabeth van Rossum is internist-endocrinologist, and professor in the field of obesity and biological stress. She is member of the medical staff of the Department of Internal Medicine, and medical coordinator of the outpatient clinic of Endocrinology at the Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Werkervaring & opleidingen

In 1998 she obtained a scholarship to perform research in the field of hormones and obesity at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. In 2000 she obtained her medical degree at the Erasmus University Medical School (Cum Laude). She started a PhD project, focused on the genetics of glucocorticoid sensitivity, under the supervision of professor Steven Lamberts and obtained her PhD in 2005 (Cum Laude).

Besides her clinical work as an endocrinologist, by obtaining grants, e.g. VENI grant (2008), a fellowship from the Netherlands Brain Foundation (2011), Erasmus MC fellowship (2012),  Thrasher Research Fund grant (2013), VIDI grant (2016) and Elisabeth Foundation (2017) Liesbeth van Rossum continued her research concerning obesity and it’s underlying causes and treatments, as well as the role of long-term cortisol exposure and stress-related diseases (obesity, cardiometabolic diseases, and depression).
She is co-founder of the Obesity Center CGG (Centrum Gezond Gewicht), a collaboration between three hospitals (Erasmus MC as an academic center for diagnostics of underlying causes of obesity and innovative treatment strategies, and Franciscus and Maasstad hospital for diagnostics and bariatric surgery).
Van Rossum  is chair of the National Partnership Overweight Netherlands (PON) with an  advisory role to the Ministery of Public Health Welfare and Sport  (VWS). She is also  board member of the Dutch Endocrine Association (NVE), chair of the annual Dutch Endocrine Meeting, council member of the foundation “Voeding Leeft”. In addition, she is board member of STRESS-NL, as well as member of the international Obesity Genetics Network and the Task Force of the National Science Agenda “Prevention”.
She became a member of Young Erasmus Academy (selection of excellent researchers of all faculties of the Erasmus University Rotterdam), which she has been chairing from 2015 onwards.
In 2016 she was appointed member of the Young Academy of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (De Jonge Akademie van de KNAW).
Elisabeth van Rossum published more than 120 peer-reviewed scientific publications or books and received 20 awards for her scientific research in the past years.

Understanding daily-life stress

The Stress-in-Action (SiA) Consortium enables synergistic collaborations to discover how daily-life stress can be reliably measured, how it determines health, how individual variation impacts on daily-life stress, and how to intervene in a personalized manner on daily-life stress.
Elisabeth van Rossum is one the Core-applicants. There website Stress in Action is now live!