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European Trauma Course (ETC)

Onderwijsaanbieder: SkillsLab & SimulationCenter
Onderwijsvorm: Klassikaal
Categorieën : Vakinhoudelijk handelen

Over deze opleiding


Course date: December 11-13, 2019

The ETC is a 2.5 days “hands-on” course. The novel modular course concept is scenario based and provides state-of-the-art team training through workshops and skill stations, reflecting prevailing European practice.

The scenarios are simulations of typical major trauma admissions in an emergency department/shock-room environment. Up to twenty-four candidates, in teams of four (doctors from all specialties, nurses, and paramedics), are taken through 30 progressive trauma admission scenarios with a strong focus on teamwork, communication and non-technical skills.The modules cover all major aspects of trauma resuscitation. Two interactive lectures and one faculty demonstration complete the course and keep didactic teaching to a minimum.Candidate assessment is performed continuously as well as in a summative way at the end of the course.

The ETC is an advanced course and candidates must have experience in treating major trauma patients before they attend a course.

Participants: 12
Course fee: € 1100,00 (medical specialist)
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